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MG MGA - clutch will not release

I put a new clutch presure plate in the car. Rebuilt the master cylinder and slave cylinter. The clutch feels like it is working but it will not disengage. Also when I put the peddle all the way down it makes a funny noise like something is hitting something. Could I have put the disc in backwords or is something else wrong. Does anybody have any suggestions.
GK George

Fork back to front?

(don't ask why I thought of that)

You could check the movement of the clutch release lever to see if it reveals play or such. Most like you're just going to have to pull it back out and look at it.
Good luck
G T Foster

I had this problem years ago with a Morris Minor and after removing/reinstalling the engine no less than four times eventually found the cause of the problem. There was a manufacturing fault in the new clutch plate and the splined portion had been inserted so that its rotation axis was not at 90 degrees to the plate. I only found out by pushing a close fitting rod through the bush,spinning the plate and seeing it 'wobble'. Ever since I've always spent 5 minutes or so doing this check before installing a new plate. Mike
m.j. moore

Most likely you put the friction plate in with the flywheel side facing the gearbox. If so, the clattering you hear is the springs grating against the levers on the pressure plate
dominic clancy

I know I am going to have to take it out but what then? I have looked at up on the rack with someone pushing on the clutch and it is moving like it should. The question is if I put the disc in backwards would it work like it is working. I will let you know later today when it is out.
GK George

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