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MG MGA - clutch woes


My clutch problems continue. I bled the system thoroughly and the clutch rod travel is about 5/8 inch. The gears still won't engage. If I operate the clutch fork manually with a breaker bar, still no luck. So, I have pulled the engine. The friction disk is in the correct way around and the thrust bearing, lever etc are all working properly. Last time I tried the clutch (before I pulled the engine this time), there was a noise when I depressed the pedal, didn't sound right!

Now, when I examine the friction disk,the paint has been chipped off the springs. It appears that the springs in the friction disk have been contacting the levers in the pressure plate. Almost as if the pressure plate is depressing too far.

I really am at a loss here. I am wondering if the pressure plate has been machined by the PO and somehow, with the new friction disk, it's contacting the friction disk springs before the clutch is separating. This would account for my problem. oh learned ones. . is this possible??

I hope you can follow my description here. Apart from this, all seems ok. I don't want to put the engine back in unless I know the issue is cured.
Thanks, Matthew
M S Randell

If you have a correctly installed clutch disc, good throw-out bearing, and no free play in the clutch release lever pivot, replace the pressure plate.
G T Foster

Thanks GTF
Yes, I thought that might be the only thing left. False economy using the old plate, even though it worked before I rebuilt the engine.

Cheers, Matthew
M S Randell

MS, That was going to be my point. For the price of a clutch, and the cost and agravation of removing the engine, By a complete assembly and be done with it. I to tried to save a few bucks with critical parts in the past and got burned every time! When in doubt, by new! My 2cents.
Good Luc!
WMR Bill

This may be too simple, but is the fork in the the right way around?
John DeWolf

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