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MG MGA - clutch won't bleed

I am working on a 1957 MGA 1500 which has MGA 1600 front disk brakes, and I am using silicone brake fluid. The car has the standard MGA clutch assembly, and all of the brake and clutch pieces and lines are new. I have been trying for weeks to bleed the clutch. I have read and tried everything in the archives, but no joy. The clutch is not fully disengaging the transmission from the engine, so the gears grind and won
M.E. Whalen

You have a master cylinder problem. You should be able to push fluid backward with very little pressure. I do the clutch reverse bleeding with a trigger pump oil can.

My best guess is that you have a master cylinder piston that will not return far enough to allow fluid to return to the reservoir.

During normal bleeding procedure, the main seal in the master cylinder may not be working like a check valve as it should. When the master cylinder piston returns it may be pulling fluid back up the pipe with enough force to suck air in paste the slave cylinder seal cup. This can happen with a freshly rebuilt master cylinder and a weak old slave cylinder. Sometimes installing a new pressure cup in the slave cylinder may fix this problem. If not, then you may be in for disassembling the master cylinder to discover what may be awry.
Barney Gaylord

Barney is an expert but I have had the same problem. What I did was take the slave cylinder off and hold it in my hand with the bleeder screw upright. Bleed in the normal way until the bubbles stop.
Barry Bahnisch

Check the clutch pedal rod adjustment. Make sure it is allowing the master to return fully. Usually not too much of a problem on the clutch side. You can gravity bleed the system by putting a hose on to drain into a clear jar. Open the bleeder until fluid drips. Then let it drip for awhile, making sure you keep the reservoir topped up. After a couple of ounces, close everything up and try the pedal. It should have a better feel. Leave it overnight then check for leaks then bleed again normally.

Let us know how you made out.
C.R. Tyrell

Mike did you resolve this and if so what did you do? bob
bk bob

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