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MG MGA - CO2 Emission

Anybody out there know the rate of emission of CO2 for an MGA 1500? Thanks.
N.J. Stoydin

You can figure it out from the gas consumption. Each kg gas has 840 g carbon, which if all burnt to CO2 gives 3080g CO2. Each litre contains about 720 g of liquid.
Of course, some ends up as CO, so it will depend how lean you run.
E10 would be similar.
Art Pearse

Why do you ask? If you are using CO2 readings to properly adjust the carburetors you will probably be dissapointed. On a newer fuel injected engine the CO2 will be between 12% and 14% in the exhaust, but these run close to the ideal air/fuel mixture. Olders carbureted engines need to run somewhat richer due to their inability to more accurately meter the fuel. Also, richer engines run cooler so this reduces the chance of overheating. I usually adjust my MGA carburetors by ear and that works well. When compared to a lambda sensor they are slightly rich where the engine likes to be. If you still want a direct answer to your question, then 7% - 10% is about right.
Lorin Cuthbert

Lorin, I think he wants to know the CO2 emission in g/km
Art Pearse

You might try this calculator:

28MPG (US) is just under 200g/km
Chuck Schaefer

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