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Hey Guys, Where can I get material preferably leather for recovering cockpit trim ? Is there anywhere that sells only the trim material rather than the entire kit ? i.e. seats panels etc)
abg mchugh


Now I'm in Japan but.....

I went to a standard craft store and bought 1 medium sized cowhide not too thick or thin for about $35. It was plenty for all the trim and I went ahead and did the tops of the door with it as well (vice vinyl). It has held well up in all but one place in 5 years of extreme weather parked outside. A little saddle soap and conditioner from time to time does wonders.

Good luck!
Tom Baker


I covered my cockpit rails with leather I got from a local furniture factory. They gave me the scrap left over from a sofa. Check out anyone who does leather upholstery and ask for scraps.

Image attached it the leather with the parts laid out before I started cutting.

I also put a very thin foam (~1/8")over the wood before putting on the leather. It works great and gives a softer feel to the rails. The furniture plant gave me the scrap foam fabric.


Jim Ferguson

This just my opinion but I don't think leather is a good idea for trim. Too susceptible to the elements. Yes, I know animals wear it all the time...but long term the tanned stuff tends to dry out and crack.
I really think marine grade vinyl makes a much better choice. Supple, affordable, made to handle water and sun, easy to work with. Readily available at fabric shops.
G T Foster

Bob, I installed A new interior from Moss and damaged one of the panels. Moss will sell there leather by the yard. You just need to call them and get the special code. In regards to GTF, I kinda disagree, (with all due respect of course) I think the leather looks far superior and elegent. In so far as cracking, most of us who now have these car's have them stored most of the time in cool dry climates untill the perfect day comes along. If you leaving it exposed to the elements I would agree.
WMR Bill

Thanks Guys for all your advice - I'll start with Moss.

abg mchugh

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