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MG MGA - Coil bracket question

Hey all. on a 1960, 1600, where does the coil bracket go on the motor mount? On the top or under side? Also, nuts on top or under? Thanks again, Tom (with the blister)
Thomas McNamara

This is how it is shown in Malcom Green's MGA Restoration Guide.


Steve Gyles

I put mine on the top of the bottom mounting plate with all nuts on the dynamo side except the one nearest the front of the car. I just asked myself the question ' what will be the easiest way of getting the bracket off when the car is finished'................Mike
m.j. moore

The 1600 bracket mounts on the inner wing not on the dynamo. The vibrations from the dynamo were perhaps thought to shorten the coil life.
Cam Cunningham


Not if Clausager is correct. His book says all 1500s were on the dynamo; the 1600 and 1600 MkII had it mounted on the right hand engine mount; the exceptions were the 1600 and 1600 MkII De Luxe models which again had it mounted on the dynamo. The Twin Cam had it mounted on the left hand inner wing.

I have to say I was surprised at this. Like you, I thought that some MGAs had it mounted on the inner wing. That is where I have resited mine as I have an alternator.

Steve Gyles

Right Steve - don't know what I was thinking - shows how often look under my bonnet.
Thomas - I have taken a photo of my coil fitting - which is on a 1960 1600 - believed to be original mounting - hope it helps - cheers Cam

Cam Cunningham

Hey Cam, (and all),

Thanks for the picture, it is right on target. Tom
Thomas McNamara

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