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MG MGA - Coil springs

I just replaced the coil springs on my car after a bad experience a the MoT test. Although my car is an early 1500 I put on the cheaper later ones (as a pair).

I borrowed a spring compressor set but couldn't actually fit it to the springs in place on the car. Are there compressors that will fit an MGA? Probably this is only academic interest as I finished the job using the jack.

I noticed that the new springs were longer than the ones I removed.

What difference would that make to the ride? - probably a bit firmer. Or is it that the old ones have compressed over the years?
Dan Smithers

I don't recall having to use a spring compressor for my installation. Undo the upper trunnion and lower the bottom a-arm with a jack. Remove the old spring and insert the new spring and align it in place. "CAREFULLY raise the jack to re-attach the trunnion.
Gordon Harrison

There is a difference in the front springs on the 1500s and 1600s. The early ones are 408# and 9.28" long, the later ones--480# and only 8.88". I think you get a slightly softer ride with the earlier springs. But may not even notice the difference.
David Werblow

This job is done without a spring compressor as you discovered. The weight of the car compresses the spring. If this job is done on a bare frame or without engine there is not enough weight and additional weight must be improvised..
R J Brown

I'm glad I only borrowed the spring compressor now.
Dan Smithers

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