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MG MGA - Cold Weather

I see you have it a bit cold over the other side of the pond at the moment. Hope you are all coping ok. Just praying that the monster of the weather system does not wing its way across the Atlantic. Makes our flooding seem minor in comparison.

How is the antifreeze managing in the engines? Could be a few sales of new radiators and engine blocks coming up!


Steve Gyles

In a climate like ours, you learn when it is time to put the summer toys away. This in turn allows you to bring out the winter toys. The variety is what keeps us going.

G. L. Raham

For anti freeze in the engines.... I either drain and blow out the engine and heater core....or.... make sure the antifreeze is good to -45C

Good batteries in the daily drivers are a must. And if you don't like the weather here... wait a couple of days!!! 10C this weekend and rain... from -37C yesterday. We are a tough lot!
C.R. Tyrell

We are probably lucky here in Oz as we can drive our cars all year round....except, we've already had a 45c (110f) day and a spate of 41c's are coming up (106f) Oh well, I can always put the roof up.
Don Sth. Oz MGB TF4887
D J Walker

I guess for you guys in Canada it is just a standard winter so you have a well prepared routine. I was thinking more of the USA. Bit cold for many of them further south. Seems to have frozen out their internet!

Steve Gyles


Are you under water? From the news coverage I gather the entire south of England is flooded.

Malcolm Asquith


Ok where I live (Church Crookham, Fleet). Although the area is quite flat it is also reasonably elevated and therefore not on a flood plain. That's the whole trouble, builders prefer to build new homes on level ground and flood plains provide just that. Bit soggy underfoot though going across the fields to get my paper from the village store. Water occasionally comes close to the top of my wellies. The canal at the top of my road also looks quite full.

I have my MGA elevated just in case!


Steve Gyles

Well it was tough but lucky for me I'm now retired so now I don't have to spend my days outside. Monday and Tuesday was bad because of the high winds. Yesterday felt like a heat wave because it was calm out,today it's already up to 22F. Tommorows forcast is 39F. Cars are a non issue,boats,our other hobby is a concern. You have to drain the blocks first then add antifreeze. Our newer one has a heater and a V drive which need need to be drained and antifreeze added too,which adds alot to be done. You always in the back of your mind worry about them.

gary starr

No one mentioned keeping the batteries charged in this kind of weather. The fluid in a "flat" battery can freeze cracking the case.
David Werblow

Very cold here in New York this year. Although, lately, Birmingham Alabama, at times, has been colder than here. Polar Vortex, don't you know...That said, you might enjoy this photo of "Chillin and Grillin, New York style"....

G T Foster

Lovely time of year here in New Zealand,summer,plenty of car club events..sorry for you fellows over the other side!!....Rex
Rex Thompson

Hey Gerry, that's no big deal, we do that all the time in Chicago area with -41 deg wind chill this year....LOL!

No kidding...
George G.

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