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MG MGA - Competition: How many kilos of Bondo

Here's the candidate, now guess the weight of filler in the car!
dominic clancy

Hmm, no seams visible at the fenders.
Art Pearse

Chassis number 72380 was exported from Holland and it looks like it still has its Dutch Licence plate. It starts with an "F", which indeed makes it a 1961 model.
Rutger Booy

I'm glad I'm not a purist...I kinda like the body mods. Not too keen on the red wheels though.
Gene Gillam

I have seen this one before. Apparently it gets around some (regularly passed on by disillusioned successive owners).

It's cute, but there are some exceptions to the rules. It has a Jul-Aug 1959 Chassis number for a 1600 car, an early 15GD engine number for a January 1958 1500, and claimed to have an 1800 engine from an early MGB. HS carbs pre-1972. Non-injection cylinder head pre-1968. What is the open end pipe immediately forward of the tappet cover vent hose?

"Hand crafted" (less than perfect) brake pipes and electrical wiring. MGB dual line brake master cylinder from 1968 or later, so it is not all 1950's vintage mod's. I would like to know what the extra vacuum hose is for. It appears to connect on the right inner fender to a device that might be a vacuum switch. Automatic kick-down control for the OD unit, maybe? With some creative thinking, perhaps an NOX injector.

The wing vents appear to be immediately aft of the front splash panels. On left side of the engine bay there is an 8-inch electric fan, in the right position to blow air through the wing vent, possibly intended to exhaust hot air aft of the carburetors to aid introduction of cool air to the carbs (in the absence of cowl vents and internal air scoops). No visible internal vent on the right side.

Nice toy for one day cruise on sunny days. Not practical for a road trip with no rag top. Have to remove the head rest to access the boot or to add fuel. Nice Verdestein tires. A repair bill would be outrageous after a minor fender bender. There will be a very limited market for such a modified car. It should go for a reasonable price to the next person who wants to play with it for a year or two before passing it on again.
Barney Gaylord

Who sinks that kind of time and money into a car, and then refuses to spend the extra $1.50 for enough piping to fully surround the grille? (note the 2-inch gap!)
M. D.

I have to admit I love the look and the exterior styling, which I wouldn't normally on a car like that. What spoils it for me is lack of attention to detail. IMHO the pre-war style steering wheel might give a vintage feel and could be forgiven, but those cheap plastic flick switches cannot.

A nice toy for sure, but it could have been a really nice period track car and just as smart and fun on the road too?

To conclude, these words say it all "and for static display purposes only."
Neil McG

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