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MG MGA - Confused

When looking at a Moss Motors diagram of the front Mga hubs, I am having difficaulty understanding the difference between a FRT 1500 WW Drum Brake Hub and a FRT 1600 WW Disc Brake Hub. My main question is...are the internal bearings interchangeable? The 1500 seems to have one large main bearing while the 1600 seems to have a split bearing. Can I use either or type of bearing? Is this important as I am mounting the 1600 hubs on my Coupe for a disc brake upgrade.

So what would be the required interior parts (for the 1600 hub WW Disc brakes) in order to mount it on my 1500 suspension.

I know the following: one spacer # 264-080 or #264-630...oil seal # 120-600 or # 120-900...inner bearing # 125-500 or # 126-000....outer bearing #125-400 or # 126-100

I have the rest of the componemts and I am just confused about which parts to order.
Gordon Harrison

The inner and outer bearings for 1600 are the same as the 1500, whether disc wheel or wire wheel

Coincidentally, I was given an up to date Moss USA catalogue yesterday to update my old one from 1988!

The inner one is GHB177, 125-500
The outer one is GHB176, 126-400

The other part numbers are for the Twin Cam and DeLuxe, which I assume you are not requiring
dominic clancy

Thanks Dominic
Gordon Harrison

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