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MG MGA - Confused - dizzy drive gear

On PA27 of the WS manual it shows Fig A9 replacing the dizzy drive spindle. It says to set 7 deg BTDC on No 1 on compression - OK. But it also says "large offset upermost" Picture A9 shows the large offset at the bottom. Which is correct - text or picture?
Art Pearse

Art. My copy of the workshop manual, which notes it covers "Series MGA 1500, MGA 1600, and MGA 1600 (Mk.II) has the illustration and text on page A.17 under section A.27. The caption of the illustration reads, "Replacing the distributor drive gear. Notice the slot angle. The large offset is uppermost".

The associated text reads, in part, "Screw one of the tappet cover bolts into the threaded end of the distributor drive gear and, holding the drive gear with the slot just below the horizontal and the large offset uppermost, enter the gear."

My MGB workshop manual gives me the same information-- large offset uppermost. The MGA illustration, a photograph, does not show this clearly because the photo is not taken in a direct line with the drive gear. The MGB manual used a drawing which better illustrates the larger offset is upwards.

Les Bengtson

Thanks Les. I meant section A27 of course. So the MGB manual supports the text version (large offset uppermost), that's good!
Art Pearse

John Twist has a nice utube video of how to do this.
James Johanski

This thread was discussed on 14/05/2009

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