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MG MGA - Converting my 1956 Roadster 1500 to 1600 Disc. Bra

People, I have a 1956 MGA with 60 spoked Dunlope chrome rims and I'm converting my front brakes (drum) to Disc. brakes from a 1960 1600 MGA roadster. My question is this, my drums on the front I removed used a hub that has (6) bolts & nuts but the new 3/8 inch Disc only uses 4 bolts & nuts to secure it. My back drums use a four bolt & nut to secure them, could I swap the front to the back? My other Question is can I use MGB hubs on my MGA 1600 conversion? My concern is thread type for my knock offs. Mine for my 1500 are fine thread and if I remember right the MGB use course threads? Please help if you know what I am talking about. Sincerely, Tom
Tom Peotter

I believe that the front wire wheel hubs are not the same from 1500 to 1600. MGB hubs will not work.
The 1500 hub is part # ATB4067 and the 1600 hub is part # BTB106.
I swapped my 62 from disc wheels to wire wheels. I had a friend who wanted disc wheel on his early MGB that he was setting up to race in RMVR. We traded components, most important was the complete rear end assemblies. The MGB hubs I received did not work and I bought new ones from Moss. MGB hubs use different bearings that ride on different spindles.
These pieces are shown in the parts book posted by Barney here:
The 1600 caliper bracket and the 1600 wire wheel hub are needed to do the swap.

All MGA drums use 4 bolt holes your description of 6 makes me wonder what has been done different to your car. It may have been a disc wheel car that was swapped to a wire wheel car with NON standard parts.
Pictures of what you have may help us in answering your questions.
Measure the width of your rear end it may not be a "wire wheel" rear end. It may be a disc wheel housing with "conversion" axles. For all I know your front end was converted to wires using Odd ball parts.
R J Brown

In Mosses cat. the hubs that I have for my 1500 MGA with drums and wire wheels is part Number 264-300 & 264-310. I need hubs for the 1600 part numbers 264-720 & 264-730 but these are not Available. Does anyone have the front hubs for an MGA 1600 with wire wheels? My drums are 6 holes not 4. This would let me complete my conversion... Tom
Tom Peotter

Tom, front wire wheel hubs BTB142 and 143 are available from all the usual suspects. Are we talking about the same part?
Neil McGurk

Six holes is standard for 1500 WW front drums.
John DeWolf

John is right I was wrong. Wire wheel 1500 front drums are 6 hole. Moss shows a split at chassis #70275 to 70276 on the hubs and only shows the later available. What is the difference?
R J Brown

I obviously used all the 4 hole parts when I converted my 1500 steel wheel to WW and then later to discs:

Steve Gyles

Guys, I'm committed to this because I purchased from e-bay the calipers from a 1600 and brackets and hoses and rotors. Would any of you in your stash of parts have a set of hubs for a 1960-1 or 2 MGA roadster for wire wheels? Sincerely, Tom
Tom Peotter

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