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MG MGA - Cool Stuff!

Somebody on the TD board asked about some lamps and I just wasted a couple hours searching around. History types will like this:

Fletcher R Millmore

The website located by Fletcher lists some interesting companies that have, or had, a link with the motor industry.
However one company that had a close link to the MGA is not on the list. I have asked them to update it.
The Aeroplane and Motor Aluminium Castings company made the cylinder head for the mga twin cam and also the large timing chain cover.
It also made aluminium castings for the World record breaking mg that reached 249 MPH at Bonneville in Utah USA.
See images this message and the next. The first is the superchaged engine now in the Gaydon museum and the second one is a production MGA Twin Cam cylinder head. The early castings showed "A&M" and later castings had "AM".
The marking is a bit hard to see on the supercharged engine, but I took the photo at Gaydon and assure you it is clearly shown.


M F Anderson

Image attached of the MGA Twin Cam production cylinder head. Mark at the right end.


M F Anderson

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