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MG MGA - Coolant leaking

I have a 57 MGA and it just started leaking coolant fluid from what appears to be the bottom bolt on the water pump. It only leaks when the engine is hot and running. It is a substantial drip, drip, drip.
Is this a common spot to leak? How big a deal it is to remove the water pump and fix the leak? Is it likely the gasket that is bad?
Many thanks-
Bill Chandler
Ann Arbor, MI

W Chandler

Most likely the leak is from the weep hole in bottom of the front end bearing housing. solution is to replace the pump with a new or rebuilt unit. I once did it in a campground in 90 minutes, might do it a little quicker in the home garage.

Drain fluid or remove bottom radiator hose first. Two hoses plus six bolts with a power air ratchet to remove radiator. Four small bolts to remove fan and pulley. Disconnect hose from side of pump, plus four more bolts and its out. Slick as a whistle, as long as you don't break any of the last four water pump bolts.

Installation is the reverse of removal. Keep in mind that some of the water pump bolts go through into the water jacket, so you should use thread sealant on the screw threads. Paper gasket between two machined surfaces needs no sealant.
Barney Gaylord

Wow - it took me all afternoon Barney - I will never make an F1 pit crew!!
Cam Cunningham

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