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MG MGA - Core plug sealant

What is a good sealant to use for the core plugs (Moss )? If I were back in the UK I would use red Hermetite, but I'm in Ontario. Lots of silicone products available from Permatex, also Loctite sealers, but none say specific for the plugs.
Art Pearse

In theory you don't really need a sealant. However...

I installed new core plugs on the engine I'm rebuilding just yesterday. I took Barney's advice and used a bit of Permatex ultra blue on them (see
Andy Bounsall

Thanks Andy. In theory of course you don't but the block is 47 years old and the joint is iron to iron with water present, so there is always old corrosion and new to prevent.
Now where can you get Cam assembly lube with moly ?
Art Pearse

Toyota sells a sealant that they use instead of gaskets in many locations. It is called FIPG (fixed in place gasket) and is part #00295-00103. It is the best sealant I have found for this type of use. Way superior to permatex ultra blue in my opinion.
R J Brown

Art, you can use JB weld as a sealant for the core plugs. Moss sells a cam assembly lube, not sure what's in it.
G Goeppner

Loctite makes a core plug sealer #540. Also Loctite # 648. I have used 540 and had no problems with it.

Jim Ferguson

Got some Comp Cams lube from a friendly engine builder locally. He also advised "Valvoline All Fleet Plus" 15W/40 oil, as it has the ZDDP. (API Cl-4) It is for diesels.
Art Pearse

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