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MG MGA - Core Plugs

First start of my Coupe for 16 years and after 10 minutes warm up the core plug between number 2 and 3 spark plugs blew out.

Does anyone please have any suggestions on the best jointing compound to use to bed the new core plug?


Dave Adams

It wasn't tight enough. They need to be flattened evenly to stay tight and seal.

I use a little silicon sealant - very little indeed - around the edge, but its getting the plug evenly flat that makes it leak free.
dominic clancy

See here:
Barney Gaylord

Thanks Dominic and Barney.

I have put the new plug in with a smear of silicone.

I drilled a 10mm hole in the centre of the old plug and put this in after the new one to act as a guide for the punch as there is not much room for error with a big hammer and the engine in situ.


Dave Adams

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