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MG MGA - Cork seal under oil cap?

Anyone know the part number for the cork or otherwise seal which goes under the oil cap 8g612 on a pushrod engine?

My cap rattles. I don't recall seeing the seal in the top end set and I looked at the service parts lists and it's not listed, more is it for the mini or Morris.

Maybe you were just suppose to replace the whole cap each time.



Mark Hester

This gasket is not supplied by MOSS, Victoria British, or Scarborough faire to my knowledge. I cut mine from a thin piece of cork material. I measured the ID and OD from the cap, and cut it to fit.
P. Tilbury


Had a look at mine and it is a wafer thin fibre washer.

Steve Gyles

PS. Not sure cork is the most suitable. If it disintegrates you could get bits of cork in the narrow oil ways?

Steve Gyles

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