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MG MGA - Correct Carbs for 57 MGA

I suspect that I might have mis matched carbs on my 1500 - they appear to be the same but I suspect one carb might be from a MG T series. How can I double check to be sure. I did notice that 1 carb has a pin on the bottom that can be used to raise the piston slightly and the other does not have this, all else looks the same to my un-trained eye. Photo is attached to possibly help determine what I have. Thanks, Bob

Bob Abrams

Is the back carby the one without the pin - you may need to look harder - it is difficult to find between the fuel bowl and the body.
Mike Ellsmore


I just double checked and no pin on the rear carb - I just sent a photo via separate email. Does it look like this came off of an MG-T?

Bob Abrams

I don't know about the MG-T's but it looks like an "A" carb without the lifting pin. Maybe somebody removed it some years past. The carb body has the boss in the casting for the pin, just no pin. Check to see if there is a empty hole in the casting. See attached photo. I would imagine that it would throw off the carb tune if it was missing.


C Schaefer

You have MGB filters on them anyway.
dominic clancy

Dominic: Thanks for letting me know about the air filters, I just received K&N filters from Moss and dicovered they are .75 inch larger than what I have. Now I know why. Does anyone have a set of decent used correct filter covers/cans that I can buy at a reasonable price?

Chuck: Yes - there is a hole in the casting, I'll order a new pin from Moss - thanks
Bob Abrams

I don't see the lifting pins in the Moss online catalogue.
If you have trouble try Midel. They have a contact message system on their website. I am sure that they would have them.

Also, as your SU's have the internal drilling, check that the damper caps do not have holes in them.

Mick Anderson


or you could try Burlen Fuel systems in the UK - they make SU carbs.

They list all the parts for each carb, and if you can't see it on the site, they are pretty good at answering questions on email and phone. They sorted the 1.75" HS6's out for my MGA and rebuilt the carb on my Trabant (yes Trabant, sorry!).

Grant :-)
G Hudson

The number on the tag under the screw on top of the float chamber should allow the original application to be identified. One of mine is missing and the other is hard to read but seems to be AUC 184 (could be 784). Can someone else check theirs

Of course the tag could have been changed.

Malcolm Asquith


Once you start messing about with the filter canisters make sure the rear one is fitted back on the correct way round. It can be fitted 180 degrees out, blocking off the suction chamber. See here in my Odds & Sods section on my website:

Steve Gyles

The air filters look more like TF filters than stock "B" ones. The TF uses 1 1/2" carbs as do the "A"s. But the choke pulls from the rear on the TF rather than up as the ones on an "A" do. Looks like your choke cable is positioned correctly. You'll get better breathing with the K&N filters and stub ram pipes than stock filters anyway.
David Werblow

The US Moss paper catalogue MGA-103 (Fall/Winter 2007) lists the Pin Assembly, Part No. 375-048, for $6.95
I would be interested to hear what difference it makes if you block the hole off with a tooth pick or a lump of Blue Tac?
Mike Ellsmore

You can get about any SU parts you need in the US from Joe Curto in New York. Just type his name into your browser.
J Heisenfeldt

Bob, i have both the air filters and an extra carb if you need them. Let me know and I'll foward an e mail

WMR Bill

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