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MG MGA - Correct flywheel mounting

Hi enthusiats and/or experts,

I was a bit too quick taking the flywheel off to get work done on the crank shaft. I found that the flywheel to crank shafts fits in 6 ways. I do see a marking on the side of the flywheel "14", maybe to indicate the TDP of cylinder 1 and 4?. Can anyone tell me what the correct way is of mounting the flywheel? Next time I'll mark it as I did with the main and big-end bearing caps... learn on the job...
Paul van Adrichem

Paul, it really doesn't matter. The flywheel is balanced independently. The 1/4 is supposed to coincide with cyls 1&4 TDC however. I moved mine 60 deg to avoid some worse teeth on the ring gear.
Art Pearse

Hi Art,

Thanks. Btw. I'm using 40Nm torque setting for the 6 bolts in the center. Should be ok right? No need to go crazy. I also found the chain to be in fairly bad shape: the piston of the chain tensioner, almost comes out.

-- Paul
Paul van Adrichem

Make sure the 1mm hole in the chain tensioner is clear. This lubricates the chain. Also make sure the chain sprockets line up. Out of line they will wreck the chain. Run a rule over the face of the sprockets.
P N Tipping

Paul, 40 Nm is only 29
The WSM omits to say the torque, but I believe the bolts are 3/8 UNF, same as the head, so should use 50 / 70 Nm
Art Pearse

It's a printing error in the Workshop Manual. See here:
Correct torque is 35-40 lb-ft.

Barney Gaylord

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