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MG MGA - Correct Lubricant for Gearbox and Back Axle

Grateful suggestions from anyone knowledgable on this subject. Having seen much recently written about GL3/4/5 oils when used in older car transmission systems due to possible adverse reaction with internal so-called "yellow metals" , what should I be using in my combination which is a Ford Sierra Type 9 five speed gearbox and a standard (for my Twin Cam) back axle?
Bruce Mayo


The FORD T9 takes 75w90 API GL4 synthetic oil (according to Peter Gamble of Hi-Gear engineering), and is filled for life. The TC back axle should take Hypoid 80/90, I believe.

P. Tilbury

According to my Haynes manual it takes SAE80EP to Ford spec ESD-M2C 175-A (Duckhams Hypoid 75W/90S) and takes either 1.9 or 1.25 litres (pre-87 or post-87 boxes)

If you want the Ford part number, I have a bottle in the workshop, and can provide next time I go down.

The manual for the gearbox is linked from my site:
section FFF

dominic clancy

Looks like that link has died

Try this one for the Ford Manual

You will find all the details for the Twin Cam axle oil in the link above as well, it's identical to the standard MGA axle

dominic clancy

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