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MG MGA - Correct transmision oil/HiGear 5 speed

Having misplaced the excellent notes from Peter Gamble, I am looking for info as the the correct amount and quantity required

Preferably an oil found in Oz.

Has anyone a copy of Peter's notes that could be emailed?

Would really appreciate it

Mark Thompson

75W90 semi synthetic.

Steve Gyles


Go to:

Then select the following:
MGA (in the list at left of screen)
Performance and handling
clutch, transmission& drive train
MGA 5-speed Conversion kits

The instruction are in a red icon booklet.

They recommend the Ford oil and although I do not use that gearbox I have heard that you should use the Ford oil.
That said, I personally believe that other oils should be OK.
The main question is does the gearbox use hypoid gear oil (like Triumph cars) or engine oil (like the MGA).

Is your gearbox modified with a drain plug?

M F Anderson

Mark, I use one of the Penrite synthetic oils, and is the same as the Ford one recommended by Peter Gamble. I'll check it out tomorrow and let you know.
Gary Lock


Plenty in the archives. As I said 75W90 semi-synthetic. 1.9 litres. Had mine in the box for 12 years (no drain plug). Everything fine.

Steve Gyles

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