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MG MGA - Correct tyre pressures for Vredestein 165R/15

Dear All

The tyres that I have fitted to my 1600 Mk 1 with 1622 engine are Vredestein 165R/15 onto a set of bolt on chrome wires that I acquired from SC. I have the pressures set at 17 and 23 as in the Workshop Manual.The steering is a little heavy and the suspension is correctly lubricated etc.

However, is the pressure too low as this could of course make a difference?

Observations and advice appreciated.




I would say too low. I run my radials at 27 all round. Don't forget that the workshop figures would have been for cross plies.

Steve Gyles

I have the same tire size on both my MGA's, and have run them at 26 front and 28 rear for more than 30 years. This gives you lighter steering, but maintains good road holding and cornering.
I up the rears to 30 or 32 if I am travelling long distances loaded, or at higher speeds on the freeways.
Ignore the Original Workshop Manual as this was pressures for original crossply tires, as Steve has pointed out.
P.S. It's the boot that's loaded, not me!
P. Tilbury

I use 28lbs all round so your pressures are much too low (and cause a lot of tyre squeal too I will guess)
dominic clancy

Also is not the factory size 5.60-15?

165R15 is in actuality a slightly larger tyre, probably also needing the difference in pressure as well as being radial as opposed to x-ply as Steve Gyles pointed out.

Have tubeless 165R15s on my ZA and recommended pressure is max 36psi and run them at 30-32... so 17 sounds quite low. Parallel parking a ZA would be impossible!

With tubes I don't know maybe someone else can confirm?

Sylvester Harvin

Indeed, the pressures in the owner's manual were for a much different type of tire. You should be running a minimum of 26 PSI, probably more like 28-32. The exact pressure will depend on many things including your driving style, road temperature, typical weather conditions in your area, etc. I currently have the same size tires on my MGA in a different brand and find 28F 30R to feel about right. Find a nice test route and play with pressures for an afternoon. You will stumble across the best pressure for you and your car in short order.
Steve S many different tyres. I run on 19/60R15 Dunlop 300E tyres and combined with the front anti sway bar the car sticks flat to the road. ...but I have had to increase tyre pressure to 32psi so my puny arms can turn it at low speed....
Neil Ferguson

I run 26F 28R on my MK2 Coupe fitted with Vredenstein 155 r15 tubeless tyres have so far done 10k miles with excellent handling and little wear My wheels are SC tubeless Chrome Wires also new
P D Camp

Hi All
I'm running my 1600 MkII / Vredestein 165 on 32F and 35R and I'm very pleased with this setting.
A.M. Kunz

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