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MG MGA - cost of used 1622 engine

There is a possibility that I have found the hard to find parts of my 1622 engine (lots of easy to find parts missing). However, I am just curious to know what I should expect to pay for a good rebuildable used one. By that I mean an engine that is complete and not seized.

How about the cost of a complete rebuildable MGB 3 main bearing engine. Would that cost more or less than a 1622 engine?

I live in USA.


R Harvey

It appears that a 1622 is a relatively rarer engine than either the 1600 or the MGB 3 main engines. While I don't have a cost estimate for you, I would expect about $200 or more, but how high, I couldn't tell you. Watch out for cracked heads and scored cylinders. Most of these engines have probably been rebuilt once or twice already, and may be bored to their limits. Good luck.
mike parker

Rebecca: Craigslist for Detroit had the ad for MGA parts from a local shop that was going out of business after 40 years. When I saw the ad back in May he stated that he had a 1622 engine and trans for sale. You could give him a call.
"Complete engines, transmissions, carburetors, distributors, fenders, doors, etc for sale. Contact John 313-381-2541"
I bought parts from him 35 years ago when I lived there.

Joe M

1622 engine is much more common than a 1600 - it was used in many more cars. The "hard to find" internal parts are the same as a 1800 3 bearing engine, and therefore very easy to find. Pistons are also easily and cheaply available, and new cylinder liners appear on ebay USA alll the time.
dominic clancy

Thanks for that info, I wasn't aware, but everything I read here says that they cost more. Maybe they're more desirable, and thus more money??
mike parker

Quite a common enine in the UK as they were used in Sherpa vans amongst others for many years.

The main difference is that the engine block has not been drilled to take the tachometer drive.

Genuine MGA ones are quite rare and sought after.

J Bray

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