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MG MGA - Coupe carpet recommendations

In ancient times when I did my car,I could not find the correct grey carpet for the life of me. I'm tired of what I have and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations.

gary starr

I put black carpet in my coupe, but Scarborough Faire have the correct grey carpet. Quality is good and price is reasonable.
P. Tilbury

Thanks Peter
gary starr

Hi Gary, Scarborough Faire sell a great carpet called "Woolite" or something like that at a reasonable price. It's not wool but looks and feels like it and it's very well cut. I put the tan color in my coupe which looks great but I think that the original grey would look great in your white coupe with the black seats.

BTW I used additional padding under the trans tunnel to get a smooth full look.


Andy Preston

I was hoping you would see this Andy,I have seen pictures of your car before and it is amazing.I have recently seen your cars profile on another site and it turns out that our cars are only 16 apart, mine being the newest! It was titled originally as a 59 in New York. Maybe it took that much longer for yours to get to California ;)
That is an old scanned film camera picture and the only one I could find at the time of the carpet. Every time I take a picture it seems the color shows up different but it is actually Iris Blue.
I thank you both,I was leaning that way but it's always nice to have others recommendations.

gary starr

Hi Gary. What is your car number, mine is also a 1959 coupe. I wonder if the factory assembled a batch of coupes at the same time....

G Goeppner

70011 George
gary starr

Thanks Gary. My car is 61479, so much for the "batch" theory!
G Goeppner

Hi Gary, I love Iris Blue it's one of my favaorite colors and the black seats with blue piping look great. I have the same seat color combo on my 67 Mineral Blue MGB. The SF carpet is called Woolon I must have been thinking of the washing liquid. So you have other choices now. I wonder how it would look with the medium blue from SF, that might match the piping or even black. I think black would make it seem small inside the car, so it's still grey or maybe blue. BTW the SF carpet comes with the arm rest but you have to attach to the carpet yourself. It comes with a plywood base (I think) and I added piping around the base so it looks like it's sewn in, like factory. It's more than likely that our cars were made on the same day.

Andy Preston

Thats what is strange Andy. My Heritage certificate shows it built on June 15,16,17. Why so much later,why 3 days to build? A coupe parts car I used alot of parts from, 69034 that is 961 before yours has a build date the same day as yours ???

George I believe the coupe bodies were built in batches at the body plant,Robert Vitrikas book on page 64 shows two in a row
gary starr

Gary, you might be right about the MGA body plant, but it is not normal in car assembly to build batches. Vehicles are deliberately mixed down the production line in order to balance cycle times.
N McGurk


I just intalled a Scarborough Faire "woolon" set in my coupe and I'm generally pleased with it. I did not put the extra padding on the transmission tunnel, but I wish I had - Andy's recommendation is a good one - as it would avoid that baggy look.

'57 Coupe
M. D.

Gary here's a photo of how much additional insulation/padding I installed on the transmission tunnel and hump. There is also a layer of Dynamat under the foil covered insulation as well. BTW there is so much insulation that there is hardly any noise or heat from the engine and trans tunnel.
That's also a five speed gearbox so the gear lever location may be a little different but not too much.


Andy Preston

Andy, I have heard that the Dynamat insulation is "heavy". Can you comment on that....

Thanks, George
G Goeppner

George the Dynamat that I used is a thin bitumastic material covered on the top side by a aluminum film. It's self adhesive so when it touches the surface it's hard to remove and will conform to most contours. I wouldn't say that it's heavy but it's definately dense and prevents panels from drumming and stops most of the heat pass through.

On my battery panel cover I put it on both sides so it is heavier than without it.

I also put it one the inside of the doors and that stops drumming and heat from the sun but also makes the doors close with a positive click.


Andy Preston

But then your missing the "Whole" experence Andy ;)
gary starr

Andy, I think coupes had a lining on the doors (mine did when dismantled), so you are probably replacing the original feel :)
M Wellard

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