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MG MGA - coupe dash covering

Is there a supplier of the correct material for covering of the coupe dash? I heard that someone in Washington state may have this....?

Thanks, George
George G.

George, I have a red 1600 coupe. The interior was/is black and I have covered the dash and door trims with black vynil. The original grain (of the vynil) is not available (here in Oz, anyway) so I have used one that is not exactly same. Coupes are rare here in Oz (mine probably came from another State). I don't think that any 1600 coupes were sold new in South Australia. I have used interior sun visors from an Austin A30, I have been told that interior visors were fitted as an extra and that they were the same as an Austin A30. I have had my coupe for about 30 years.
Barry Bahnisch

I am currently on the same project - after much searching, it is possible to match the same pattern and weight of the original vinyl. I think the upholsterer I used calls it filler-weight. It has a very light backing, almost like cotton.


M Wellard


When i covered my coupe dash and the scuttle with black vinyl I went to a local upholsterer and he gave me a grainy pattern vinyl. I think he called it "English grain" vinyl.

As long as you have the same vinyl on the dash and the scuttle, I don't think anyone would care or notice.

My car is a '58, Orient red with white roof. You can see a photo of it on

P. Tilbury

Hi Guys

Can you supply some pictures of the your dash; before, in progress and afterwards.

Am looking at replacing my dash as its rippled, torn and I think the incorrect colour (currently a rough black).

Not wanting to hijack this post but what colour should the dash be ? I've a 1958 Coupe black exterior and red interior.

All my MGA books have yet to be unpack following a move but I want to start planning the next few jobs. After painting, hanging new doors, boarding out a loft...

Thanking you in advance, Matthew.
M Elliott


A '58 coupe with black paint and red seats should, according to "Original MGA", have a black dash (he calls it the facia), and a red scuttle and parcel shelf.

These details should be confirmed on a BMIHT certificate which you can apply for on line giving the VIN and engine number. (See for info on this).

P. Tilbury

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