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MG MGA - Coupe Dash Vinyl

I used 3M #77 spray to install the vinyl on the dash and cowl of my coupe. STUPID thing to do. After sitting in the sun the glue softened and the vinyl peeled off. DO NOT USE 3M 77 it does not do the job. I ended up using the glue I got from an auto upholstery shop. It is yellow and thin, almost watery. The upholstery shop sprays it on through a gun that looks like a paint gun. I brushed it on using the disposable brushes plumbers use for appling flux on copper pipes. Included is a picture of the glue container. I also used this to install my headliner.

R J Brown

3 M makes different adhesive sprays that will work . 3M High Strength 90 I believe is one , the 3M Super Trim Adhesive (Heat and Moisture resistant bonds heavy weight automotive materials) and any Old School (non water based )Contact Cement like the Wilsonart international "600" is great stuff, but be careful when used correctly and both surfaces become tacky and you place the two pieces together they will not come apart ! you get one shot to do it right. The New water-based contact adhesives are garbage (but are less harmful to the environment) It is getting more difficult every year to find quality adhesives.
Chris Velardi

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