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MG MGA - Coupe headliner

Well I finally started the headliner install.
I will document the install here. First I will show what I am using. The glue I am using, pictured here, came from a friend who owns a car upholstery shop. When I ask him what to use he gave me some.

R J Brown

Greetings R.J.,

Do you think you have enough glue there? I wish I were to the point where I was geeting to the headliner. But it will be interesting to watch you're installation. Thanks for posting. Cheers!
Robert Maupin

This picture shows: The screws used to attach the bows. The bottle of glue refered to in last post. The binder clips I use, 100-120 needed. A flux brush to paint on the glue.

R J Brown

Here is the headliner loose with only the bows attached.
R J Brown


R J Brown

Now you go around the edge of the headliner and gently stretch it and hold it with the clips. The headliner will have LOTS of wrinkles, Thats OK. Be patient. Stretch a little. Tug a little. Move around the clips. IGNORE WAIT leave outside in the sun to heat it up. Over the next few days a little at a time you tug re clip trim (carefully) untill it is perfect. The ares in the rear corners where the long flaps drop will be the hardest to do. BE PATIENT.
I have an 11:47 tee time so there wont be much progress today. As they say, Stay tuned for further episodes.
If you have a heat gun and are very very carefull the process can be speeded up.

R J Brown

R J, I hope that your headliner is progressing well. This is one job on my Coupe restoration that I had done by a professional and I helped a little. I take my hat off to you for doing it yourself. It must be one of the hardest jobs to do. Good luck and keep us posted, BTW when I started my restoration I gave up golf for 2 years or else I never would have finished the car.

Andy 60 Coupe with 800 miles.
Andy Preston

I'm curious about the glue. Are you suggesting that it does not cure for days? Thus allowing the headliner to be "stretched"? Or are you doing this before glueing?
G T Foster

Stretching is done before gluing. Once glued your done. Get it close before the glue is applied. Will show pics When I glue.
R J Brown

The front and rear have been glued. Sorry no pictures. Just paint the glue on both the metal and the headliner and let dry completely. Because you already trimmed the headliner and fit it with the clips all you do now is fold it over onto the glue in an even manner. I left the corners unguled until last. When you do the sides the front corner flap gets glued to the pillar. The rear corners are the hardest to do. This picture is of the left rear pillar glued on the front but not the rear.

R J Brown

This picture shows the glue applied to both sides in the left rear corner.

R J Brown

Glued and trimmed but not put down in LR corner.

R J Brown

Same corner Done

R J Brown

Same corner inside shot. Compare with the wrinkled shot earlier.

R J Brown

Done. The wrinkles that remain should come out on there own or with a heat gun prior to window installation.

R J Brown

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