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MG MGA - Coupe Interior Trim Screws

Greetings all,

While I'm no where near the point of installing the trim on the 1600 coupe, while looking at the factory "Series MGA Service Parts List" (plate RP), I couldn't help but notice there are three different types/sizes of trim screws listed. You would think MG would have simply used the same screws throughout to make assembly an easier task? Anyway, the parts book shows the screws, item #35, those used to secure the rear shelf as part number PTZ604. For securing the "fillet assembly", those screws, item #33, are listed as part number RTP606. Item #27 are the screws used in securing the "liners" (interior panels) and listed as part number RTP504. So three different screws. By chance does anyone know how they differ? They all seem to have a hex-head. Oh yea, each has different washer part numbers as well. Cheers!
Robert Maupin

Until you said different washers as well,I would have guessed different length. One thing lost in the back of my mind is, I think one of the features of these trim screws is a smaller head than what was normally used for the given screw size, but am not sure. I'll bet Todd Clarke's book will tell you.
gary starr


The washers that are used in conjunction with the rear shelf are simply "flat washers". The others must not be too different as the part numbers are 7700 and 7701. They both appear to be the cupped variety of washer. I checked my copy of Todd's book and while there is lots of detailed information regarding much of the attachment hardward used in assembly, there is nothing that addresses the interior screws. However, I'll forward my inquiry to him to see if he knows. You're correct, between Todd and Barney, I don't think there are too many questions that can't be properly addressed. Cheers!
Robert Maupin

RTP606 is a Phillips raised countersunk head, sheet metal screw chromium finish, #6 gauge, length 3/4inch.
RTP504 is a misprint, should be RTP405 (correct in Factory mga twin cam parts book) and is a Phillips raised countersunk head, sheet metal screw chromium finish, #4 gauge, length 5/8inch.
R= Raised head
T= ??
P= chromium finish
1st numeral is screw gauge
2nd and 3rd numerals are length in eighths inch


Garry Kemm

Wow! Gary....that's great!

So, do you happen to know what the "Z" stands for in the rear shelf screw code? That part number is PTZ604. Thanks!

FYI- Todd Clarke did respond to my inquiry and advised that he has each variation screw type/style. But your explaination provides the code details I was curious about. Cheers!
Robert Maupin

I don't have a list for the "P" and "R" series items, but in the another BMC fastener list the third letter "Z" is for zinc plated.

There is a list for many BMC fasteners (but not R and P series) at:

M F Anderson

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