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MG MGA - Coupe Rear Glass

I am getting to the point where I will need to install front and rear glass in my coupe. I have seen MGA Coupe race cars with rear glass made of other materials.

Can anybody direct me to an alternative to the rear glass?
gerard hutchinson

Gerald, I bought the 3 piece perspex racing rear glass on ebay about a month ago. It's very light. I paid $350, I intend to cut 3 holes in the center section just like the racing coupes did to improve ventilation. Keep your eyes on ebay also check the uk ebay. Shipping would be cheap because they are so light. You could also check with Brown and Gammons in the UK, they might know of a lead.

Good luck,

74 B GT
67 B Roadster
60 A coupe under restoration.
Andy Preston

Gerardd, I was going to get my supplier to tool up, but nobody else was interested!!!

If you would like to email me I may be able to help

Colin Parkinson

Problem is that the coupes are rarer, and fewer people use the heavier car for competition, although they do make a much more pleasant long distance racer.

The weight saving is decent but it isn't going to make the car perceptibly faster on the track.

Can't see selling many sets of plastic rear windows for the street, at least not a second time after the first set gets scratched up....and they will, eventually, despite taking care. I speak as a Jensen CV-8 owner (plexi rear side windows) and TVR Grantura owner (rear window).
Bill Spohn


While the holes might improve ventilation, won't they make washing a challenge?

'57 coupe with glass windscreens
M. D.

I met Ralph down at Sebring he and his kid where running a mga and a coupe and he said something to the fact he was going to make some coupe rear glass like he had w/ air cut outs . Looked super cool and functional .

Zed engineering
Ralph Zbarsky , P.eng.

He has a real cool book too! I am stll lQQking for my rear glass .

Karl LaFollette

M.D. you can buy air vents for small airplanes about 3" in dia that open and seal which will fit the holes perfectly, so washing won't be a problem. If you goggle airplane vents you'd be surprised at the amount of hits you get.

Andy Preston

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