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MG MGA - Coupe Seats

I am coming to the end of a long term 1960 1600 Mk.1 Coupe restoration and I need to know which side of the seats the adjuster lever is fitted i.e. near to the transmission tunnel, or near to the outside of the car. Confirmation would be appreciated.


M. Standish

My Coupe and Roadster have the adjuster on the door side. Have a good day!

John Progess

I confirm John's response. Adjusters are on the door sides.

Andy Preston

DITTO, They are on the door side on both my coupe and roadster..Dennis
Dennis Suski

Thanks for the information guys - I have tried to fit the seats with the adjusters to the door sides but I cannot get the seats into the runners because the adjuster lever hits the raised section of the chassis cross member just in front of the seat position. Am I missing something?

Any help would be appreciated.

M. Standish

Put the runners onto the seats before installing them in the car. Move the seat forward and backward to get access to the bolts so you can tighten them.
Ed Bell

I believe you should attach the seat to the seat runner before bolting the seat runner to the floor. You will have to move the seat full forward to get the rear bolt installed and then move it full rearward to install the forward bolt. I installed mine with a 1.5" high wedge to raise the front of the seat and make it more comfortable and this negates your problem. Hope this helps and have a good day!

John Progess

Yep, install the runners and then bolt them down as advised by Ed and John. Before you do that, carefully inspect the welds at the runner bases at the back of the seats. I had to repair my seat several years ago where it had cracked and come loose on the driver's seat. A little brazing and paint fixed that. While I had the seat apart I found that a wedge, as Maurice suggests, in the front bolts of the seat to raise the angle of the seats really does make the seat more comfortable, more thigh support and a better angle on the pedals. I partially installed the seats and experimented with washers to find the most comfortable height / angle and to establish the final hardware length, then cut thick wall tubing to compensate for the increased angle on the bolt attachment point on the seat base and fixed up both of the seats. I have driven the car now about ten years that way and have never regretted the modification.
Russ Carnes

Only drawback of the wedge at the front of the seat is that there is very little room between the bottom of the steering wheel and the driver's thighs (for us oversized drivers!). LOL.
P. Tilbury

I knew I could rely on you guys to come up with the answer. I would never have thought about either installing both seats and runners together or about wedges in the front bolts, but I'll definitely try both.

Many thanks once again.

M. Standish

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