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MG MGA - Coupe vinyl dash top

On a 60 Coupe does the vinyl dash top fold over the front window lip so that the glazing rubber goes over the vinyl or does it just fit on the flat part of the dash top? Based on the photos I took when I disassembled the car it looks like it didn't go under the glazing rubber but most of the vinyl had already rotted away. The glazing rubber does not go all the way down to the dash top so there will be a small amount of paint seen if the vinyl does not extend over the lip.

Thanks Andy
60 Coupe restoration

Andy Preston


On my coupe it only goes on the flat part of the dash up to the glazing.
Mine has been restored (a quality restoration); however, I wouldn't stake my life on that being the original way. I'm sure others with original cars will enlighten us...Dennis
Dennis Suski

Andy, on my 1960 coupe it was over the lip when I disassembled it.

L Caya


only the flat part is covered, and it is cut in two right in the middle. still have the original pieces.


Andy, and others,
I want to buy the vinyl for the dash and the dash top for my 58 coupe from my local upholsterer. I want to fit black vinyl. Does anyone know where I can get a small sample to confirm the correct grain?
Thanks, Peter.
P. Tilbury

Peter's comment on putting black vinyl on the dash begs the question... was there variation in the colour of the vinyl on the dash top? Was it always the same color as I think were headliners? The original seats in my dove grey car were red as was the dash top. The previous owner had painted the car white and changed the seats to black and painted or stained the dash top black. However the black on the dash top was fairly easy to clean off and revealed the original red.

Not that it matters what color anyone wants their dash top. I was just wondering if they came based upon seat color or were all the same.

J.T. Watson

Peter, try Moss Motors for additional vinyl material. My interior kit came with the car when I purchased it and it is at least 12 years old. I sent a swatch of the original material to Moss Motors and requested a 6' long length and they sent me the correct vinyl with the correct grain to match and the same color as close as possible. BTW thanks to everyone who responded to my question. It appears that the original only covered the flat part of the dash top.

Thanks Andy
Andy Preston

Just an FYI..the vinyl dash cover is not the same as the vinyl used to cover the trim. Todd Clarke sells the dash cover material, which is claims is the correct pattern and material type. I bought mine from him. It is noticably different than the vinyl that comes with the Moss interior kit.
G T Foster

The headliners in all coupes were off white.
Attached is a color scheme page from Robert Vitrikas mga book. He includes 6 such for each of the different versions of the MGAs.
In the picture,kind of hard to see, is an original green piece (Right corner) from my 58 and some black material (across top) from Moss. The grain matched real well. If you need a piece tell me how to send it.
This car was originally Ash green with grey seats (5th from right) It will be Mineral Blue with black seats (4th from right)
If any one needs the other versions of the color schemes let me know and I will post.

R J Brown


when writing yesterday I had the vinyl of the dashport in my mind which is two-parted.


What is a dashport?
Thanks. I think I will go with a modern vinyl grain that is close enough. Not trying to make this a perfect concours car.
Originally this coupe was Ash Green, but is now Orient Red. So a black dash top (scuttle in Clausager's book) is one of the options for this body cover. I prefer this to red as it will reflect less in the windscreen. Parcel shelf will also be black.
Thanks for your help.
P. Tilbury

Peter, I believe Siggi is refering to the dash panel or dashboard. On coupe/twin cam/deluxe/mkII models the pvc was fited in two pieces and the join was covered by the chrome speaker surround.
Neil McGurk

To answer Andy's original question, I think that the factory would have stuck the dash/scuttle vynil covering up and over over the opening (covered by the glazing rubber) just as the headlining was. Because I was not as well-organised as they were, I did not do this when I restored my coupe and had to make sure that no (red) paintwork could be seen! I don't think that anyone has mentioned it on this thread, but 1500 and 1600 interior colour schemes were vastly different, 1500's unfortunately reflected the two-tone craze that prevailed at that time!
Barry Bahnisch

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