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MG MGA - Craigslist Twin-Cam- missing engine

Found this on bring a trailer:

"This 1960 MGA Twin-Cam roadster is missing its engine but has the proper Dunlop wheels, disk brakes, and transmission intact. We
Gene Gillam

Is it really a Twin Cam? Or is it a Mark II Deluxe? Without the engine, is there a difference? Could be an interesting project, but I would want to see some pictures of the sills before I got too excited.

k v morton

Looks to me like a Twin Cam body, not a "Deluxe" body. The "standard" radiator is in the more forward position where the top hose does not line up where the thermostat outlet should be, and top of the radiator may interfere with closing the bonnet. Where the heater shelf has been hacked, the goalpost may have been repaired, as I don't see any bolt holes there.
Barney Gaylord

The last Twin Cam built had a chassis number (VIN) of 2611.
The last left hand drive car had a VIN of 2608.
The seller says that the VIN is 3000.

M F Anderson

Yeah, he's faked a serial number - probably means there is no plate on the car, so be very, very careful about getting proper title to anyone that buys it.
Bill Spohn

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