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MG MGA - Crank Handle Pin

Hi all,

With the installation of my supercharger,I have found it a bit more difficult (too much stuff in the way) to turn the engine over by hand as before. Therefore I plan to FINALLY build a crank handle for this purpose. I plan to use stainless steel bar (as it is plentiful and quite cheap) for the job, but I'll get whatever I can find that is suitable.

Thanks to Gordon Harrison I have schetches and most the dimesions. What I seem to be missing is the pin dimension at the end. My plan was to press fit a hardened roll pin.

Alternately, I could just use a long ratchet extension on a socket if I could get it on the dog nut. That's 1-1/4" if I remember correctly. Which I probably don't.....


Tom Baker

Tom, I've looked at my crank handle and the pin at the end is 0.225" diameter, length 1" and the hole centre is about 0.45" from the end of the 5/8" diameter bar, which, incidentally, is heavily chamfered. It is not an original handle but ex Moss a few years ago. The pin is a roll pin. Mike
m.j. moore

If you need it I have the crank handle dimensions courtesy of John Progress who contributes to this site (email me). I built one from his dimensions and it worked a treat.
Mike Ellsmore (1)

The original crank from my 1600 had a solid dowel pin. It was pretty beat up after decades of use. I'd press in a hardened dowel pin vs a roll pin. Either way, it still never fit the car due to several front end altercations with other vehicles...
SJS Steinhauer

Well I went to the local home store and found a 16mm x 90mm mild steel bar (has a hook end) for about $6 and some roll pins for about $1. Drilled a hole 1/2" from the bottom and we now have a makeshift starter handle.

It worked fine for cranking over the motor to adjust the valves. Soon when I get access to a torch I will bend it per the measurements. I think will also replace the roll pin with a solid one.

Mike, I have some dimensions but would gladly accept your information if you don't mind.

Thanks everyone.
Tom Baker

My Moss handle came with a roll pin. After a couple of years of minimal use, it began to slip out. I brazed it in place and have had no more problems with it.

C Schaefer

If you want I can look for a used part in Beaulieu in Sept. as I am going to Tokyo directly afterwards on business and could have it in my luggage (1 week size).
Contact my directly by e-mail

Neil Purves

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