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MG MGA - Crankshaft Brass insert restrictures

Hey Guy's, Does anybody have any comments about the weather there is a need or not for the brass crankshaft inserts? Barney’s comments are kind of on the fence on this issue and I am getting conflicting information from some pretty knowledgeable people regarding the need for them. Is anybody out there running without them?
WMR Bill

Your post was the first time I'd heard of these and then I found this on another site yesterday. Mentions the brass plugs and the modification this company makes to cranks for racing.
Photo of MGA crank in lower left corner of the page.
Bill Young

For what it is worth, the crank on a 3 main 1800 is not cross drilled which could indicate that the 1500 crank may need the restrictor???? Just a thought.
James Johanski

Don't shoot me for this but generally if the factory put them in, there is a reason for them. Manufactures don't tend to install anything that will increase cost unless it is needed. This applies to every part right down to nuts and bolts. While some may remove them for racing engines they have likely done a lot of other modifications to ensure oil supply. Every change that you make in the oiling system will affect pressure and flow to the rest of the engine.
J Heisenfeldt

Well after further research into this, including phone calls to Moss and several other experts, I finally concluded to take a pass on the crank shaft without inserts and take up an offer for one with the inserts in it, even though it was more money. I concluded that the oil preasure could potentially be affected with the inserts missing. I find it amazing though on how many different opinions there is on this subject!
WMR Bill

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