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MG MGA - Crankshaft Oil Holes

I was looking over two crankshafts one I pulled out of a 1500 and the other came with a 1600 block I bought. They are both in pretty great shape and I was getting them ready to take them in to be them tested for cracks. While comparing them side by side I noticed that the 1600(?) was a little different.. it only has one oil hole on each main journal and two holes on all of the big end journals. The 1500(?) crank has two holes on all journals main and big end. Does anybody know if some cranks are crossdrilled and others not? I thought only the 1622 cranks were different from the 1500. Is one better then the other....?....Tom
Thomas Koch

I just read an old thread which stated that on all MGA crankshafts the mains were cross drilled and that the 1600 cranks from sedans only had (1) oil hole in the mains. Can anybody confirm this?.....and with that said would a(cross drilled main)crank work better than a crank from a 1600 sedan. I'm trying to decide if it makes a difference in which one of the two I use in the engine I'm starting to build up and the single drilled crank has already been polished and tested.
Thomas Koch

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