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MG MGA - Crankshaft Replacement

As I learn more about crankshafts I am faced with the question do I buy a new "Hardened" one or go with my 1600 replacement engine and just have the crank checked and machined along with the rest of the engine?
WMR Bill

Are there aftermarket crankshafts available? What is their quality and where are they made?
Russ Carnes

I noticed that Moss has a crankshaft advertised as hardened.
WMR Bill

I have always bought my crankshafts from Farndon in England. They are not for the MGA but for Triumph sports cars for racing, but they make them for most engines. Their crankshafts are used for many high level competition cars and as OEM supplies for vehicle manufacturers.
They would give you a quote. Remember that the 1622 crankshaft is different from the earlier 1500 and 1600.

Mick Anderson

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