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MG MGA - Crazy Twin Cam Price

Spotted 3 MGAs in the Beaulieu Garage outside the auto jumble:

One was an OEW Twin Cam. The asking price was 37,500


Steve Gyles

This price is realistic considering the extra value the MGA 50th birthday badge adds! These badges were produced by MGCC (Victoria) MGA Register in 2005 - we always thought they would become collectors' items.
Mike Ellsmore

Well there you go. Buy the official MGCC Victoria 50th birthday badge and they will throw in a Twin Cam.
Mike Parker

My god! it makes you wonder just how much more the asking price would be if it were Red, Vin
Vin Rafter

A member of our club will be pleased - he has an immaculate red Twin-cam
Cam Cunningham


Beaulieu Garage is well known in the area for charging daft prices, as there are a lot of minted people in the area nearby who are quite easily parted with their cash. They had a tatty 1600 Mk1 in there a couple of years ago that needed at least a total respray for 20K.

G Hudson


I assumed so. The 2 1600s were also priced at nearly 30,000 each. You would expect normally to get the brace for that!

I attached the photo with registration number so that Mark Hester could enlighten us.

Steve Gyles

enginehaps, as both a Twin Cam and a Pushrod owner perhaps i can provide a balanced viewpoint.

Setting aside the 'Beaulieu' premium, its a reflection of the price an imaculate 'genuine and complete' twin cam could carry due to the scarcity of original twin cam items - i know of a company that would charge a whopping
C Manley

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