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MG MGA - Cross Drilled Rotors

Does anyone have a source for cross drilled rotors for a mga

The MG Owners Club here in the UK have them. Look a bit pricey:

Steve Gyles

They are a waste of time and raise a possible safety issue.
Bill Spohn

Unless you are considering racing in the car or fast downhill driving in the mountains I would give them a miss. The only advantage of drilled rotors (disks here in Europe) is that they will not get so hot and so are less likely to warp.
I have never heard of anyone here having problems with the standard disk anyway?

Neil Purves

Pete, Bill S is right, save your money for other things. Unless you are racing and the discs will be carefully inspected very often I now don't advise cross drilled discs for the street. I had a set on my midget and when I had them off for some other maintenance this year I found tiny cracks starting from several of the holes. I shudder to think what might have happened if one of them had broken in use. I understand that slotted or dimpled rotors don't have the cracking issue as the cross drilled items, but unless you really need a ton of cooling I'd say stick with standard rotors. I replaced mine with standard solid Brembo rotors and installed better pad material.
Bill Young

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