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MG MGA - Cylinder head options

My water pump replacement project has gone from good to bad.† The head shop called with news that my original 1500 head has 3 cracks so I am suddenly in the market for a replacement head.† So far no luck with local wrecking yards for an acceptable, used MGA or MGB head.† Any suggestions for a possible sources in the Puget Sound area or even nationally would be appreciated.†

As a last resort does anyone have experience with the aftermarket aluminum (Moss) or iron (eBay) heads?† I seem to recall that the aluminum cross-flow heads were not receiving positive reviews, but donít ever recall seeing any comments on the reproduction heads.

jjb Backman

I have a stage 2 head for sale, lead free, oselli reconditioned, free from cracks, and listed in the classifieds here.
dominic clancy

I have had a very bad experience with a Pierce Manifiold 5 port alloy head (manufacturing defects) - beware. I will detail all in another thread next week.
Mike Ellsmore


For a used head, you might try Keith Ansell at Foreign Parts Positively, in Brush Prairie, near Vancouver, Washington. He has a lot of used MGA parts; I gave him a head a few years back when I was reducing my stash.

k v morton


I searched the classified section but did not see a listing for your cylinder head. Am I looking in the wrong place? Shipping from Switzerland would likely be too expensive.


I did check with Keith at Foreign Parts Positively and recieved an email from him last night. Brooklands in Tacoma also could supply a head.

Thanks, John
jjb Backman

Keith is a pretty good resource. He helped me put together everything I needed to bolt my 5-main "B" engine to my stock "A" transmission. He has sheds full of parts used parts, as well as lots of new stuff in stock.
k v morton

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