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MG MGA - Danger from velocity stacks!

Recently fitted velocity stacks to my car but am concerned that the extra power they generate accelerating out of corners could be dangerous because of the wheel spin they produce.

Mike Ellsmore

Nice photo...and beautiful car!
Gene Gillam

And just what did you fit those velocity stacks to?
Steve K

Your exhaust tip is pointing down, generating lift. Angle it up to give you downward thrust and you'll never spin another rear tire.
Larry Wheeler

The velocity stacks are not supposed to connected directly to the nitrous oxide bottle ;-) Cheers - Dave
Daved DuBois

I'll bet THAT marked the sills!
R Taylor

Not so much the sills but the driver's side dog leg has a few stone chips as I end up pointing the other way on the track about 1 sec. after this photo was taken!
Mike Ellsmore


I would like to think it is our 'stub stacks' giving you this incredible performance but I suspect something a bit more sophisticated!

Steve Gyles

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