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MG MGA - Dash harness

I checked out my dash harness against Barney's page ET-100C
and all is well EXCEPT where there are 4 red wires exiting the harness, (1 to the F switch (fog lamp?) and 3 to the L switch), I have 2 intact reds only, plus the remains of a red wire which was folded in 2 and presumably at one time constituted wires 3 and 4. It was melted to the insulation of the adjacent NU (brown/blue) switch wire.
I don't have a fog lamp. Was this just a jumper wire from the L to the F switch, neeatly tied up in the harness at one time, or could it be a PO bodge job? (of which I have found numerous!)
I'm refering to the small harness shown at the top of the picture.
What should I do?
Art Pearse

That red wire folded is like that in the original harness. It is the connection between lighting switch S1 terminal to the fog lamp switch very near by. It is folded and tucked into the harness to be neat. It would be less confusing if one end of that wire came out of the harness in a different place (so you could tell which two red ends would be the same wire without using a test light.
Barney Gaylord

OK, thanks Barney. Thought that might be it. Now to find some red wire....
Art Pearse

This thread was discussed on 03/06/2013

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