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MG MGA - Dashboard heater labels

Newbie here, do you know where I can purchase the labels or lettering around the heater control slider and air and demist knobs?? These would finish off my interior nicely. Thankx in advance for any help.
Dr. Bob
Robert Allison

I did mine many years ago with white letraset. It's important that you overcoat the transfers with the clear lacquer they suggest otherwise they can easily be scratched off. As for a supplier you could either try ebay or a craft shop.............Mike
m.j. moore

Hi Dr. Bob - welcome - I thought about lettering mine as Mike has done but ended up buying a repro one off ebay - looks OK and I still have my original in case I feel creative - cheers Cam
Cam Cunningham

mj, I don't suppose you can remember the font name and size, I need to do mine also. Some one once said that the transfers used on model railway buildings work well.
J H Cole

From an ebay Motors search "MGA knob"

Chuck Mosher

Sorry John it was over 25 years ago and I can't remember the font I used although Helvetica rings a small bell.
Measuring the letters now the font size is 1/8" with upper case on the bottom and lower case on the top but whether this is a copy of the original or just the letraset I could find at the time I don't know.
However, like Cam I've recently bought a repro unit and all letters on this are upper case with the lower ones 1/8" and the upper ones a bit smaller at 3/32".
Another difference between the new one and the original (copy) is that the instruction above the left knob is 'push' and the original has 'push and turn'.

Although according to the ad. in Chuck's thread the 'push and turn' is not as original so maybe my old one is also a repro unit....................Mike
m.j. moore

I think the "Push and Turn" function was used for the "Fresh Air Ventilation" option, which was essentially a heater setup without the hot water core or water valve. Even though some repro fascia panels say "Push and Turn" I have never found one of the air control cables with the push and turn switch function. These must be very rare options.

When I buy a new fascia panel that says "Push and Turn", I buff off the "and Turn" part of the logo so it just says "Push" on top and "for Air" on bottom.
Barney Gaylord

Yes I think you got it the wrong way round Mike!

The originals said push, then the repros said Push and Turn up to some time in the '90s and now most of the repros are correct.
Neil McGurk

Actually, the Push and Turn facia are for the earliest cars without the blower switch on the heater temperature slider. Most heater facia should say only Push. There is no good evidence of when the change to the Push only facia was made, but the earliest of owners manuals make mention of both types of heater. The part manual makes no mention of the change date. As some may remember, I have an early MGA 1500 that I am slowly restoring and even though it came from the factory without a heater, at some time a heater was installed. The one in my car was the very early type with the Push and Turn facia. It has the blower switch in the left hand cable control (the turn part) and the temperature slide lever does not have the blower switch.
James Johanski

James, -- I have never seen one of those. Can you send pictures for ducumentation on

I have a copy of the MGA 1500 Driver's Habdbook eighth edition here:
It does not have any mention of push and turn style air control. If you have an earlier Driver's Handbook that does have this information, I would like a copy.
Barney Gaylord

There is a brief mention in Vitrikas of the two types of heater control. He says:-
"On some models the blower control was incorporated into the 'Air' control while on others it was activated by pulling out the 'Temperature' knob" . No dates given however.............................Mike
m.j. moore

Thankx so much for the info and I enjoyed the manual that explained the function of the knobs.

Will be great working with you. Have had my '58 since 1989 and have done it "my way". Sept. 2010 saw a new repaint with base/clear coat.

If I could figure out how to upload pics, I would, and I think my megapixels are too large.



Robert Allison

Wow - that is a shiny engine bay Bob!
Cam Cunningham


Wow. Very impressive brightwork. Enjoy it. Apart from the chroming, what caught my eye was the hood (bonnet) sealing strip. Never seen it used before. Did you have any problem getting a flush fitting between the hood and body?


Steve Gyles

Steve, Thankx for the nice compliment. I believe I got the seal from Moss Motors. When I got the car back from my friends at the paint shop, the seal was gone---nothing in the gutter now, and they have the hood and trunk set up with just light pressure to close the hood and trunk. No slamming or drop down.
I really watch the weather and avoid rain. Put about a thousand miles a year but recent purchases of '68 XKE 2+2 Series 1.5 and an '87 Alfa Quadrifoglio and my motorcycles (yes, a Triumph Bonne, '72) and other 3 bikes do keep the miles off of each vehicle/bike.
Enclosed is a pic of the front with seal in.
Robert Allison

Steve, Trying to upload a front end shot to see the bonnet closed with the sealing foam inside. Lines up well.

Robert Allison

Steve: Trying one more time to upload!

P.S. No luck on upload, do eMail me and I will send pics if interested.
Robert Allison

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