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MG MGA - Dashpot oil

For years I've used 3in1 oil for carb. dashpot. I suspect 3in1 is thinner than the specified SAE20,(unobtainable) but it still has quite a damping effect on the piston all the same. There is a specific SU oil, which is difficult to obtain and expensive. Until now I had never considered using 20/50 engine oil but perhaps that is preferable, and I certainly have enough of it! Any thoughts please.
J Houlgate

That's what I have always used. Car has always ran well.
Bill Haglan

The SU people, Burlens, do the damper oil - grade 20. See here:

Steve Gyles

3 in 1 oil is too thin. It has an SAE number (related to viscosity) of 17 compared with SAE20 for the SU oil. Plus the maximum operating temperature of 3in1 is specified as 50degC which is also a bit low. The correct SU oil is only around 4 a bottle which will last you a lifetime. It's not worth the worry using some other oil.......................Mike
m.j. moore

SAE 20 is available as a motorcycle fork tube oil for the damping on motorcycle shock tubes. Should be easily available and inexpensive.
... CR
C.R. Tyrell

Have used ATF for 25 years, as has a friend of mine. No problems, and the car accelerates fine.

P. Tilbury

I've always used Penrite SU damper oil. Same as Burlens, I expect.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

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