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MG MGA - Dave Godwin's latest adventure

mga twin came 2013

Last November, RIP arrived in the UK, having left Cape Agulhas, the most southerly point of Africa in September 2012, with 10 other classic MGs. She had survived The Road from Hell in northern Kenya and enjoyed the comradeship with the other classic MG Adventurers along the way. However, a coming together with a Taxi in Nairobi meant that RIP had to spend the winter in the UK at a panel beater, to return her to the condition she has become accustomed, while Laurel and I returned to Australia.

So, we returned to the UK in the summer of 2013 to rescue her and decided to take her on a Last Fling in Europe before shipping her back to the Gold Coast, Australia. We set about giving her a well-earned major service, changing all her oils and vacuuming a bag full of African dust out of her carpets. The compression on cylinders 1 and 2 was found to be slightly down, so I decided to replace the head gasket. However, on a closer inspection of the head gasket, no fault could be found, so the two exhaust valves were removed and found to be pitted

dominic clancy

And at the other end

BTW the article is written by Dave himself, not by me

dominic clancy

One of the Targa Florio

dominic clancy

This one was in the set of photos he sent me, so the trip wasn't entirely without an upside !

dominic clancy

So hats off to Dave and Laurel (yet again). The shirt is his trophy from the MG dealer in Addis Ababa!

dominic clancy

One of the Norwegian passes (get the scale from the bus)

dominic clancy

How does Dave do it?
If I drive more than 300 miles in a day in my MGA I think I have been on an adventure!

I bet he has the MGAs seat stitching pattern embossed on his cheeks!

Some fantastic photos there Dominic and Dave does a really superb write up doesnt he.


Colyn Firth

My only comment....WOW!
Edward Wesson 60MGA

Wonderful story and photos

What sort of canopy is on RIP?

Thanks for sharing this

Ted Persons

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