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MG MGA - Determining Positive or Negative

The 1600 roadster which I'm praying to put together,and which is in many boxes at this time its occurred to me how do I determine if its positive or negative wired??.
c allen

When it is disassembled it is neither. It will be whichever way you like when you reassemble it. It was originally positive earth (battery "+" grounded on frame). If you intend to install anything electronic in the car, like an alternator or modern radio for instance, then you should make it negative earth (battery "-" grounded on frame).

If you retain the original generator, flash the field terminal to polarize the field coils after installation. The ignition coil terminal to be connected to the distributor should be same as battery ground.

Nothing else in the original car was polarity sensitive, although some replacement fuel pumps are, if they contain a diode, or if they are modern electronic units.
Barney Gaylord

Thanks Barney..
c allen

This thread was discussed on 12/03/2013

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