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MG MGA - Dick Jacobs Auction - LeMans Crash photo


I and several other MGA chaps attended the Auction of Dick Jacobs memberabilia on Thursday.

Thanks to whoever posted the article on the BBS as I would not have known about it otherwise.

I managed to get myself an original "confidential" pre launch dealership mga twin cam pack... not sure if thats the exact description, but never seen one on ebay before, so had to have it.

Anyway the attached photo may interest you.
I believe Dick spent quite some time in hospital after this crash.
The Grill badge was removed and mounted on a plaque.
This sold for about

Mark Hester

Do you know if any of these photos were scanned before they disappear into private collections, never to be seen again?
Steve S

Hi Steve,

I don't believe so. I asked the auction house to catalogue them prior to the auction, but they refused, due to the large number on offer.
I took my camera as you saw and photographed only a few of the 300+ that were on offer. Mostly Twin Cam's. Others who also attended did the same.
There were several lots, not all of which went to the same winner.

Mark Hester

I wonder if the auction house would be kind enough to send a note to all the wining bidders? I'd love to add those photos to my historical galleries. Even some would be better than none!
Steve S


Email me and I'll send you the details

Mark Hester

Hi Steve

On December 2nd I wrote an article about this auction for PostWar Classics, see:

I still have some pictures that I used for the article. Mail me if you're interested

Rutger Booy

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