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MG MGA - Did the BBS site change colors for you also

It's all primrose yellow and strange text halo effects for the last few days.....
dominic clancy

Must be your monitor!
Art Pearse

Dominic - This seems to happen at random sometimes. To get back to the original color combination, click on the Customise button at the top left of the screen and reset your preferences. Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

What are you chaps on?

I mostly view on my iPad. The colours changed for me too a few days ago.
T Aczel

Ditto here - started a thread on the TD/TF board several days ago.a
Gene Gillam

no change for me....
George G.

..and did the earth move for you as well?
Neil Ferguson

Gentlemen. I most commonly open up this website in my Fire Fox system. I have noticed no changes in the website presentation on it. However, I opened up the website on my Internet Explorer browser and found quite significant changes in both color and print size. It may be that whatever change has been made, first mentioned on the Sprite/midget board, only has an effect on certain browsers? Do not know what is going on myself as I am a computer user, not any form of computer enthusiast. But, on Internet Explorer, the type size is almost double what I am seeing now on Fire Fox. Old Man Updates for our aging population?

Les Bengtson

All the thread letters are a pretty shade of blue. Quite attractive really. Why change?
BM Gannon

The only change I have noticed is that thread titles I have previously opened are a different shade.

Anyone reported their issues to the Webmaster?

Steve Gyles

I also noticed, like Steve, that read topics now change to bright blue.

Does anyone know how to get response updates sent to your email, as per the MGE forum site?

P. Tilbury

This thread was discussed between 03/10/2014 and 04/10/2014

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