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MG MGA - diff wanted

i am looking for a 4:3 or 4:1 diff from my woefully undergeared magnette (4.9:1). I am also broke:-). Does anyone have a diff they can sell me for not too much cash?
philip may 3

I should add I have a 3 bearing mgb 1800 short engine that I am willing to swap
philip may 3

Philip, does that 1800 have a good head on it?
WMR Bill

If you don't get a better offer I wll swap you a 4.3 for it. Unfortunately I am a good way from you living in north Lincs but I await your decsion.

Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Hi Philip,

if you're in proper Hampshire and not the american equivalent, I have a spare 4.3:1 diff sat in Ringwood, and would be happy to swap.

Kind regards,

Grant :-)

trabimanuk "at"
G Hudson

Grant, I'm happy to do the swap -- could you bring it around next weekend?

I'm in Ringwood ---- Victoria, Australia.

BM Gannon

Barry, I will meet you half way.

Anyone got a 4.1?

I will give it another couple of days.

Grant, How soon could you arrange a swap? I have a 260 mile drive to Wales to contemplate on 10th October

Thanks for all the offers
philip may 3

This thread was discussed between 28/09/2009 and 29/09/2009

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