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MG MGA - Difference ..?

When I bought my MGA I vaguely remember the guy telling me that he had changed the front drums to discs.
For the life of me I cannot remember whether he said that he had fitted MGA or MGB discs....

Is there a difference ? as I want to change the discs as nearly on the road and they look very iffy to me...

Can anyone help ..?

Image attached

Aleks Stojanovic

The only way to tell if the disc is "iffy" is to measure it for thickness. It appears from the photo, that you just have light rust that will polish off the first time you use the brakes. If you are concerned you can sand them slightly to remove the rust.

My MGA is drum brakes, but what I remember of disc, they look MGA.
... CR
C.R. Tyrell

As I recall, MGA rotors (discs) are 11" in diameter, and MGB, 10.75".
T Aczel

That one does look iffy! There appears to be a notable flat spot in the circumference!
Neil MG

The calipers for sure look like MGA units. Note the raised hump of the boss for the guide pins.

D Rawlins

Are the hub threads 8 tpi (B) or 12 tpi (A)
I think the discs would go with the hubs - maybe?

Art Pearse

They look MGA to me

B Suelzle

If you have doubts about the Thickness of the brake disks change them out for new one. They are not very expensive. If you change the rotors, I would change the pads also so you get the full benefit.
Keith Lowman

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