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MG MGA - Different brands of DOT 5 fluid

I'm assuming it's most likely ok to mix different brands of DOT 5 brake fluid. Anyone aware of a reason not to?
Rick deOlazarra


when I bought my MGA it had a brand type of dot5 fluid in the brake & clutch system, a brand which I couldn't find locally. When I decided to bleed the brakes one day, I bought a different brand of dot 5 ( made in Canada) and mixed it with the existing fluid. The colour was purple for both fluids. I have been running on this mixture of fluids for the last five or six years with no adverse effect.

F. Camilleri

Thanks, Frank; I was almost sure it was ok, but was looking for that little extra affirmation b4 proceeding... :)
Rick deOlazarra

One comment...don't mix Dot 5.1 with Dot 5. Dot 5.1 is not a silicone based fluid.
Gene Gillam

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